Mark Burnett to reach millions of viewers with his brand new Casino TV show

Mark Burnett, producer of the famous Reality Show said his studio will launch on June 14 a brand new show – The Casino. The show will feature America’s youngest casino owners Timothy Poster and Thomas Breitling and will carry footage from Las Vegas casinos, according to

Poster and Breitling are the founders of the website, which has been sold to

The show explores the idea of immemorial human desire for wealth. The Casino will track every step of 34-year-old self-made millionaires and cover their daily lives. Hundreds of cameras will be used to show how the “gambling kings” are runnig their operations in the world’s gambling capital Las Vegas.

“You’re absolutely going to have the adrenaline rush of entering the casino for the first time. Being the new owners you’ll see who comes in and you’ll see real-life casino action with millions of dollars changing hands. If you look at some of the other (reality) shows, sometimes it’s hard to relate to the people, he said. But everyone can relate to a wager or casino action and we’re right there to witness it,” claims Breitling, the co-star of the new reality TV show.

Mark Burnett, “the hottest producer in television”, expects the show to reach an audience of millions of people. His producing record includes Survivor and The Apprentice which he brought to success.

Burnett also has been an executive producer of Emmy-nominated adventure television in international locations for a long time. He founded Eco-Challenge, an award-winning extreme sports mini-series, which were filmed in exotic countries around the world. His latest projects include NBC’s primetime reality series The Restaurant and the Apprentice.

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