Love and Hate in Online Casinos

Online casino is better in some ways and worse in some ways that a physical casino. Online gambling is so different that the traditional physical casino.

Online gambling is a competitive business nowadays. A lot of casinos will recommend a lot of offers to get a hold and maintain the online casino business. There are websites that offer bonuses for new sign-ups like by randomly depositing money in accounts of customers or free vacation trips for identified levels of total bet.

Other advantages of online casinos are: It has better rules than the physical casinos.

A player doesn’t need to do long distance travels. The casino can be set in one’s home or office.

No need to suffer from physical casino’s irritation like the suffocating smoke from cigarette or tobacco smokers.

No need to be obliged in giving out tip.

Also, there are few setbacks when playing online. Winnings are not paid instantly. One has to be patient on waiting for his money to be cashed out. Also, casinos have to wait for delays on the credit card. It usually takes at least two weeks between the credit to appear on one’s card and cashing out. For debit cards, the transaction is completed faster.

When looking for customer assistance, this can be sometimes blotchy on the online gambling website you’re playing at. There are websites that provide a reliable assistance through toll-free number and e-mail. If a player is unlucky the online casino only replies to e-mails after a few days and no posted contact numbers. If this is the online casino in the webpage, better leave at once.

There are cases that disputes between a player and an online casino are settled in the casino’s favor. A player is not given the authority or power to win in a dispute. The last say is always with the casino since in the agreement when a player signed-up states that casino creates the rule and change it anytime they want.

Also, it is hard to trace the transactions for online casinos in the debit/credit card statements. Most of the time, these transactions indicate only a name of a merchant bank instead of the online casino where one played.

Online casinos unite in protecting their industry from abusive players. They keep a database for blacklisted players who are suspected to claim fraud or abuse. A player may be blacklisted if he has disputing cases, has threatened to dispute a case, has used someone else’s credit card, has manipulated the game’s software, has opened more than one membership in a house hold or computer. If the player is already in the blacklist, no gambling website will welcome them. It is just like getting a police record or a bad credit rating.

Online casino gambling websites are for real. One may win a lot of cash in its games. Players just have to be careful in choosing the online casino to play at. Also, players must keep in good faith the agreement between them and the casino. Avoid the thought of cheating online gambling websites. They will know and a cheater will never have the pleasure of playing again

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